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About me 

I think the best way to evolve is to learn from each other, don’t you? 


My name is Matilda and I am a 24-year-old girl who wants to work as a Content Creator/ Editor with the focus on social media. I am described as a person who is happy, positive, ambitious and reliable. I like learning new things, taking responsibility and working in teams.

I speak both Swedish and English fluently.


I long to work in an organization where I can be part of creating the visual experience for digital platforms and where we together create engaging content.


Therefore, I hope you may be interested in hiring me. If you give me the chance to join you, I offer a long-term perspective in return. I promise to do my best to give back my knowledge and work effort to your projects.


Interested? Read more about me and my background in the CV below. I hope we will be in touch soon.

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