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Jag 4.jpg


Self-portrait, 2018

Posters created in InDesign or painted in Photoshop, 2020

Movie posters created in Photoshop, 2020

Assignment: Create a green screen film of your choice, 2022

Headline: We take LIA seriously

Sunny Glasses logo utan slogan.png
Sunny Glasses logo.png

Assignment: Create a company and make a logo and a SoMe campaign, 2022

Assignment: Create a text message conversation in After Effect, 2022

Assignment: Make an app and SoMe campaign for SWAG, 2022

Smoke 4.png

I go up in smoke - assignment. Created in Photoshop, 2020


My own icon. Created in illustrator, 2021


Assignment: Create a Illustration in illustrator, 2020

Assignment: Create an advertisement for a big screen. Created in After Effect, 2022

Assignment: Create a documentary about some successful person, 2020

Documentary about Filip Nilsson

Assignment: Write a short essay on distributed designer. Created in Photoshop, 2022

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